EUNIKA Global Innovation Strategies

Formation et Coaching en Management des Connaissances et de l'Innovation

Complementarity and links making allow us to

address needs, but also discover them through innovating (needs engineering) and find together new opportunities and practice collaborative innovation.

World network of pioneers and experts in various domains of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Innovation   Entovation Intl and 100E

Global Security Systems – Dominique Verdejo, Personal Interactor

To know talents and skills of a company, university, region, city… Ligamen, Marseille

to better use them for the organizational governance  Leif Edvinsson, Sweden,

Consider all aspects of sustainable development KEE, Munich, Germany

Discover the innovation toolbox  Innovatika, Warsaw, Poland

Optimization of Business Infrastructure, Copenhagen, Denmark

Develop and test your ideas  Knovationlabs and Tespitara Pune, India

Understand the Chinese culture for better collaboration Soft Technology

Discover the best practices in your area – Transinnova KTours

The Futur of Technology Dreamscapeglobal, US

Open Source Crealibre, Mx

Serious games Antek-studio

Creativity Visual soft art and GBCreatech

Sustainability -smart energy!scientific-board

Renaissance II

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